About Us

At Finacle, we believe in empowering customers with the right tools. We base all our solutions and innovative endeavors on this key philosophy. You find its presence in Finacle Support Center (FSC) too.

FSC is a self-help tool created to offer quick and accurate answers to your support queries. This useful search-based portal enables you to take a shorter route and arrive at resolutions for various issues, way faster than a TechOnline (TOL) ticket.

The smart portal is driven by advanced search algorithms that scan through a framework of multiple knowledge repositories featuring reusable content from TechOnline tickets, FAQs, troubleshooting documents, videos, etc., and display relevant results in a matter of seconds. On FSC, if you want to go one step further by refining your search (content or version wise), you have that option too!

A brand new multiverse of Finacle knowledge awaits you. Say goodbye to waiting periods, get immediate resolutions by entering the right keywords.